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And That Someone Was You [Izz; CLOSEDEDEDD]

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And That Someone Was You [Izz; CLOSEDEDEDD]

Post  Simon Theodore on Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:33 am

The song really has absolutely nothing to do with the thread. I just really wanted to use it for the title so that I had an excuse to show it to you guys. 8DDD

The lake house had never been a particularly favored place of students of Felicity. It was generally regarded and dingy, moldy, and flat out creepy, in most respects. Plus, the old man that lived in the lake house posed a threat to anything within a five yard radius of the place. But that was precisely why Simon decided that he and Isabelle should have their..."meeting" at the lake house. Still, just because he knew where they would be meeting didn't mean that Simon had any ideas as to what else the "meeting" would entail. Back in his dorm, he was having trouble even finding something to wear. Isaac, Isabelle's brother and Simon's best friend, was lounging across the room, shooting up idle chit-chat, doing anything but helping the situation. Not that Isaac knew what his best mate was up to anyways. Mr. Theodore had absolutely no plans on telling Isaac about what was happening between himself and Isabelle until and unless it was absolutely necessary. And at the time being, it simply...wasn't. So Simon proceeded about his preparations, going into as little depth as he could manage. One of the most unfortunate things about being friends with an actor was the ease by which they slipped behind your back. Finally, he settled on a brown button-down, pulling it over his boring (and admittedly, slightly stained) white undershirt with his back to Isaac. His dark jeans already buttoned in place, Simon figured he was as ready as he was going to be, the note he and Izz had passed tucked into his deep pocket. Carefully, he gave himself one last once-over, tousling his hair a bit before sliding his feet into his sneakers and saying his goodbyes to Isaac, not quite sure if he'd be coming back to see him after his encounter with the other Cauldine.

Outside, the October weather was far from cold. Simon's button-down did more than a full job of keeping him warm on his walk from the large school to the comparably tiny lake house. However, the lack of a frigid temperature did nothing to cool his nerves. How did he expect himself to be able to tell Isabelle what he thought of her when he wasn't even sure what he did think about her? There was no doubt that he found Miss Cauldine attractive, but who said it wasn't just physical? And even if it wasn't, that didn't necessarily mean that letting her know that he (potentially) had interest in her and pursuing a relationship was a good idea. With a groan, he checked his watch for what had to be the fifth time in the past twenty minutes, subconsciously hastening his pace. Eight fifty. He had ten minutes to make it down to the lake house; about three minutes if he wanted to get there before Izz. His hastened walking seamlessly morphed into an easy jog, weaving down the paths and through the fields until the lake house was finally in sight. Now it was, quite literally, all just a downhill sprint. After a little bit of gnawing on the inside of his lip anxiously, Simon hurdled himself down the hill, slowing as the terrain evened out again until he reached a stop.

It didn't look like Izz was there yet, lucky him. His stomach seemed to be having as difficult of a time dealing with such an awkward situation as Simon was. He checked his watch again absentmindedly, solely to soothe any notion that Isabelle might bail out on him. It looked like she still had a minute or so before she was late, so Simon did all he could to relax, leaning against a tree just outside of the groundskeeper's five yard radius, his arms crossed as he waited to get this over with. Nothing better to do, he fidgeted nervously, staring at his new, clean shoes. Within two minutes, a silhouette could be seen at the peak of the hill. It wasn't until then and there that it occurred to Simon: why in the world would confessing whatever it was he thought be so ominous if he didn't hold some sort of romantic attraction to her outside of just physical flings. He'd never had issues with just doing things with girls; Isabelle shouldn't (and most certainly wouldn't) be any exception. So the only explanation was that he most certainly could see himself with her.

Simon's restless stomach went two directions at once, leaping to the sky and sinking to his feet in one heavy groan.

Simon Theodore
Simon Theodore
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Theatre Geek

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Re: And That Someone Was You [Izz; CLOSEDEDEDD]

Post  Isabelle Cauldine on Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:12 pm

Isabelle paced her room nervously, answering Alicia's questions flatly and without interest and doing her best to smile at Kaylor whenever prompted by the girl's concern. Deep inside, her stomach was churning nervously, and she was in her bra and panties only as she tore around the room. On her bed was a pile of a larger portion of the clothes she owned, torn out of her dresser as she put every single piece on. Nothing was good enough!

With a groan she plucked at a red flannel shirt, cut like a man's but small enough to fit her body in a very flattering manner. Izz pulled it over her fragile dancer's frame reluctantly, buttoning it up and watching in the mirror as she tugged on her fit jeans. Tousling her hair a little so it hung in a dark halo around her face, the sophomore cast an anxious smile that turned out more like a grimace at her roommates.

"Wish me luck?" she asked half-heartedly, checking her makeup one last time before rolling the sleeves of her shirt up just once and pushing them up her forearms. She really didn't know if luck was the best thing right now, or even what that luck would mean. Would it mean that she and Simon hooked up? Or that she and Simon decided to be best friends forever? Isabelle was so confused about what all this meant, and how fast it was going. In her hip pocket she felt through her jeans with a long forefinger, pressing against the crinkly notebook paper absentmindedly.

And how did she feel about Simon? Isabelle was pretty sure she liked him, a lot, but it felt a lot different than when she'd liked other boys, and she wasn't quite sure what that meant. As she took long strides across the grass towards the lake house, Isabelle couldn't help but hug her torso, rubbing her hands along her arms despite the lack of chill in the air.

Nearing the lake house, Isabelle spotted the familiar silhouette of her best friend, and couldn't help but grin sloppily. His familiar lean figure was comforting, and she found herself walking a little quicker than usual, speeding down the hill and grinning widely. Without even saying a word, she slid her arms around his chest, hugging him tightly like she usually did, her head resting beneath his chin. Something about hugging Simon felt too right to let go, and it wasn't until he squeezed her and pulled away just like any other hug that she woke up from her one-sided snuggle.

"Um, hey," she said with a smile, trying her best to hide the anxious churning in her stomach from her face, "so what's on the docket for discussion tonight?"


Isabelle Cauldine
Isabelle Cauldine
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