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January 2009

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Drivers should proceed with caution while driving on roads before they have been cleared. Up to two inches expected to fall overnight. For more information and updates on the weather, visit World News Broadcasting online.
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Pop! Goes The Cherry
»"Oh, WG, have you really know decency? This is kind of old news, but it looks like IC might have paid off a few people, like the true politician’s daughter that she is, to keep this little gem on the hush hush. But oh, IC, IC, don’t you know that nothing is safe from me?"

Oh, Baby, Baby!
»"Hey Harrimaners, sorry for my brief abscence, but I’ve been just too busy trying to keep track of all the gossip in this school to even be able to write about it! But this little piece of news was just TOO good for even a busy bee like me to pass up."


World News Broadcasting 03.19.09
»"Yet another car bomb went off in Iraqiranistan at approximately 3 PM this afternoon. Casualties were numbered at as many as twenty Iraqistanis, as well as three American soldiers, and thirty of both parties wounded. A statement has not been issued by the army as to the potential terrorists, but WNB is willing to guesstimate that Tyler Durden + Sack Of Mothballs = Big Explosion"

Maine to Pass Bill for Heavy Budget Cuts; Sports, Arts Suffer
» "Maine has been following the precedent set by several other United States school boards and has been cutting funding significantly to schools, especially for fine arts programs. While this mostly affects public schools, it will also affect a small number of private and magnet schools that receive fundings, grants, and scholarships for students from the government."

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We like the music [[CLOSED, WILL]] loud in this here band.

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We like the music [[CLOSED, WILL]] loud in this here band.

Post  Alicia Allred on Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:40 pm

Warning: Drug use and references in this thread. And since I'm posting a warning, there will probably be light swearing too just to make it worth warning over. Xp

Alice sat in her car, waiting for Will. Turns out that the boy she blew off and ignored last year revealed to her a common interest- herb! Too little too late to salvage any kind of relationship that year, she decided to make a move early this year and see what this dude was all about.

This dude being Will. He was okay cute, nothing special. He was kinda funny, a little over the top sometimes- but who isn't, really? She decided to go all tabula rasa on his ass and keep her mind open and the slate clean when it came to him.

After all, 'smoking' alone could get depressing. It could be cool to have someone to blow down with once in a while.

She checked her makeup in the rear view mirror and decided that it would do. The skin was happening today, and that was coolie by her. Everything else was looking as well as it ever did. Leaning back in her seat, she stretched her arm back to grab her giant binder of CD's from the back seat and thumbed through it idly.

It looked like a jalopy from the outside, but on the inside her Pinto was definitely a chill ass ride. One of the first things she had done was reupholstering the interior- black leather dash and console, with black crushed velvet seat covers and door panels. Adding a CD player and upgrading the stock speakers had almost been an afterthought. And though she hadn't had reason to use it yet, if you flipped open the glove box there was a panel of switches that controlled a number of things, all neatly labeled. The amp to her bass, a glow kit for the interior floor of the car (deep blue), and a few more fun lights that did silly things that were just mind blowing on a good roll.

And of course, a false bottom in the armrest storage for when she had to ride with something on her. She had promised Will a quarter or so of mid-grade pot, but he would flip when she gave him this eighth of super-fire kush she had been sitting on. Aside from that, her false bottom hiding place also held one of her better pieces.

If the boy wasn't in a hurry, he was certainly in for a treat.
Alicia Allred
Alicia Allred
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