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January 2009

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Kendell, Osmond Andrew

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Kendell, Osmond Andrew

Post  Ozzie Kendell on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:01 pm


[ THE FULL NAME ]: Osmond Andrew Kendell
[ THE NICKNAMES ]: Oz, Ozzie, Oak, Oakie, Kid, You There, Four
[ THE BIRTHDAY ]: December 17th, 1996
[ THE AGE ]: Eleven
[ THE GENDER ]: Male
[ THE SEXUALITY ]: Straight? Currently non-sexual, but he thinks girls are cute.
[ THE NATIONALITY ]: Hickory, Mississippi

[ THE TALENT ]: Theater Tech
[ THE GRADE ]: Itty Bitty Sixth Grader Committee!
[ FORM OF STUDENT ]: Scholarship


    long walks with no destination
    birthday cakes
    getting away from home
    being outdoors
    working with friendly performers
    his sister, number five
    mc donald's
    getting up before the sun
    new socks
    new notebooks
    new anything
    his aunt

    taking walks and/or hikes
    playing soccer
    doing odd jobs for spare change
    doodling designs
    fiddling with sound and light boards
    tyring to learn guitar

    actors and actresses who disrespect techies
    trashy tv (soaps, 'reality' shows, Jerry Springer, etc)
    having cold feet
    having to go home
    spending time with his parents
    his other siblings
    hospital clinic visits
    public schools
    faulty equipment
    second hand clothes
    being outcast
    hamburger helper
    mc donald's

    having a tooth knocked out
    rusty nails
    rabid squirrells
    getting sick
    getting asked about the bruises
    leaving his sister behind with his parents
    getting lost in the woods (though some part of him wants this to happen)
    hitting puberty and ending up like his brothers

    strong imagination

[ THE ULTIMATE GOAL ]: Oz wants to break free. To be successful at something, anything, just to be able to take care of himself and those that he cares about. In a perfect world this would be done by stage managing with a prestigious acting group or by breaking into the Hollywood 'biz' mixing sound or doing digital effects.

[ THE PREVIOUS SUCCESSES ]: Oz's largest personal success to date was discovering the existence of Harriman without help from anybody and reconnecting with his mother's estragned, and well-off, sister who lived near the school. His second largest success was his discovery of the sound board and theater teching in third grade, when he volunteered to help with his school's talent show as a way to stay away from home.

[ THE STRUGGLES ]: Oz's struggle in life has been his family. His mother is unsupportive, his father is abusive, and his three older brothers are heartless bullies that made his young years a living hell. When he was nine, his mother divorced her husband and Oz held onto the thin hope that he would finally have some peace in his life. However, she merely remarried another fist-happy jerk in his father's place. The only ray of sun in his shattered family life is his younger sister, who he had to leave behind in order to attend Harriman.

[ THE OTHER SCHOOL ]: Oz went to the public school nearest to his house. He walked to school every day of his life, often left in the dust by his older brothers. The school wasn't anything spectacular, but it was heaven compared to his home life, so he put every ounce of energy he had into doing well. Something in him knew that his only hopes of wrenching away from the grasp of his family was his ability to excel in school. He got all A's throughout elementary school and never missed a single day. He also often stayed long after school ended, just to avoid spending any more time at home. It was at his school that he discovered his knack for teching shows and honed that knack into a skill that won him a scholarship to Harriman.


[ THE PLAYED-BY ]: Highmore, Freddie

[ THE EYES ]: Oz's eyes are naturally quite large and round but he tends to keep them slightly squinted. Though this is probably merely a way of keeping light out of his eyes, it tends to make him look kind-hearted and friendly, even when he's ticked off. This acts as a natural camoflague of his feelings, though people close to him (most likely teachers or his sister) can tell when he's unhappy by the slight increase of the squint and the accompanying tightness of his smile. Oz's eyes are a still blue color that matches his father's, and while he thinks it's a nice enough color, he hates that they make him resemble that man.
[ THE HAIR ]: Oz's hair is a color somewhere between milk and dark chocolate. Often, when it becomes long and unruly from not being cut for a while, he sticks the tips in his mouth, somehow hoping that his hair will have acquired the taste denoted by its color. While his hair is not as sweet as chocolate, he still manages to keep as clean as his means allow him to. Now that he is at school and has free shampoo at his disposal, he intends to wash his hair at least once every day, perhaps more. He no longer has to worry about it being unruly for long periods of time, since his kind aunt who lives nearby has promised to take him to cut his hair whenever he asks. She made good on her promise the first day he arrived, and it is freshly cut into a smart semi-bowl.
[ THE SMILE ]: Oz's first line of defense against any violence or upset in his world his his smile. It's small, warm, and naturally comforting, and usually can diffuse any situation not involving his family. His two front teeth are a bit larger than the rest, which adds to the endearing and boyish quality of his grin. He often smiles even when he's angry as a way to try to diffuse himself and confuse those he is angry at. He has so far taken great care to avoid being hit in his mouth, and so has kept from ever having a tooth knocked out.
[ THE OTHER FACIAL STUFF ]: Oz is too young for facial hair and acne and has the flawless peaches and cream complexion that most pre-pubescents are blessed with. He has slightly large ears for his face, giving his face a puppy-like look, but he usually covers them with his hair. The rest of his face is pretty much average, though his face still hasn't quite grown into his nose.

[ THE BUILD ]: Oz is wiry, being only eleven, but he has developed a good deal of strenght combating his older brothers. His legs are the strongest part of his body, getting a near-constant workout involving soccer, hiking, and running away very quickly. He isn't anywhere near being buff, but he can withstand quite a few blows and could probably throw a few good ones as well, though he never would.
[ THE HEIGHT ]: 5'2''
[ THE WEIGHT ]: 101 lbs, very proud to have broken 100.
[ THE POSTURE ]: Oz's posture depends entirely on the situation he's in at the time. When he's feeling threatened, he opts for a submissive posture; head down, bent at the stomach, looking up at the attacker. He finds this is one of the best ways to keep from turning threats into reality. When, however, somebody he means to protect is threatened, he stands straight up, hands in fists at his sides, and puffs his chest out. Normally he's a very well-postured boy, though he slumps noticably when he's very worried or very tired. He walks quickly and with long strides, bending his knees and picking his feet completely off the ground, a habit he picked up from hiking around tricky Mississippi underbrush.
[ THE CLOTHING ]: Oz dresses in second-hand everything. He has a second-hand shirts, fraying second-hand jeans, perforated second-hand socks, and ragged second-hand shoes. The one thing he saved up for, from mowing lawns and other back-breaking odd jobs, was underwear. Because second-hand undies are just gross. Upon coming to Maine, his aunt insisted that she buy him a new set of clothes, but he refused. She settled on buying him two new shirts, two new pairs of jeans, and a thick jacket to battle the Maine weather. The one thing he allowed her to splurge on was a dozen pairs of new, thick socks and a new pair of sneakers.
[ THE HYGIENE ]: Oz was never a dirty person, but he was always only as clean as his situation allowed. He was definitely the cleanest of the male Kendells, but he was still handicapped by off-brand soaps and second-hand everything. Since coming to his aunt's house in Maine, he's found that he is a little bit of a clean freak, as long as the situation allows. He washes his hands as often as he can, and he keeps his hair and teeth brushed to perfection. He is not as anal about his hair as he is with washing his hands. As long as it's washed, he doesn't care much if it gets a little messy in the course of a day.


[ THE PARENTS ]: Andrea Rose Kendell Tanner (nee Snodgrass), bank teller. Osmond loves his mother, but is often disappointed with her awful decisions in life. She has no real interest in Osmond, though, apart from the extra money having another dependent brings in. He harbors no ill-will towards his mom, but he understands that she is not a good person to have in his life.
Timothy Rex Kendell, construction worker. Osmond has no illusions left about his father. The man is a mean-spirited drunk who likes to use his fists to much and Oz feels only relief that he left the family to take a contracting job in Iraq.
Tony Brent Tanner, sleazy bank manager. Osmond has not even a biological desire to associate with this man. He's just as awful as Tim Kendell, if not more. His inflated sense of self adds to his mean streak, and his slightly higher level of intelligence means that he knows how to hurt Oz with not only his fists but with his tongue. The one redeeming factor is that Tony brings in a bit more money for the family than Tim ever did. His fear that having Oz living away from home will take away from the amount of money he can take off of taxes due to dependents has made him belligerent and unaccepting to Oz's move away from home. Once Aunt Emily explained that this was not the case, however, Tony was more than happy to see Oz go.
[ THE SIBLINGS ]: Timothy Kendell II, number one, 17. A big football jock and an even bigger bully. He's often the one leading the group towards pummeling Oz or some other unsuspecting child.
Peter Kendell, number two, 15. The weakest of the Kendell clan, Pete follows in Timothy's shadow, playing second-string football and beating up those smaller than him. Oz doesn't care much about Pete, since he can outrun him easily.
Christian Kendell, number three, 13. The youngest of Oz's older brothers, also the fiercest. Clever but mean, Chris is often the one to hurt Oz the most, knowing exactly what to say and do to demean his little brother. What makes it even worse is that Oz and Chris were once very close, until Chris hit puberty and decided to go the way of his older two brothers.
Annabelle Kendell, number five, 9. The shining light of Oz's siblings, she seems to have inherited every ounce of kindness and gentleness from both of her parents and none of the mean streak. While this makes her Oz's favorite sibling by far, it also makes her a perfect victim to her terrible brothers. Oz would gladly take a punch or seven to keep them from hitting Annie.
[ OTHER IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS ]: Andrea is estranged from her family, but Oz dug up an old phone number from his mother's dresser drawer that led him to his aunt Emily. Emily Snodgrass reminds Oz very much of Annie, and is shaping up to be everything he'd ever hoped for and expected from his mother. Upon hearing of his possible acceptance to Harriman, she made quite a few arrangements to have Oz come live with her on holidays and in the summer from now on. She is incredibly sympathetic to his situation, and has promised to try her best to get Annie out from under Tony and Andrea's thumbs.
[ IMPORTANT ANCESTRY ]: Neither of Oz's parents have much contact with their respective families, so Oz has no idea about his ancestry. Aunt Emily has told him a few stories of his grandparents and he hopes that she'll have some knowledge of his family history.

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Ozzie Kendell
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Re: Kendell, Osmond Andrew

Post  Ozzie Kendell on Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:51 pm


DONE! Very Happy
Ozzie Kendell
Ozzie Kendell
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Re: Kendell, Osmond Andrew

Post  Isabelle Cauldine on Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:03 am


Welcome to Felicity J. Harriman School for the Arts! We're so happy to have you here at Felicity, and can't wait to start enjoying our artistic experience with you. Why don't you scurry on over and set up a plot page so we can start setting up relationships? Make sure you get a cell phone so that all your friends can contact you! After that, make sure you sign up for some classes so that you can shine at Harriman. Feel free to pm Isabelle Cauldine, Isaac Cauldine, or Simon Theodore with any of your questions.


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Re: Kendell, Osmond Andrew

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