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January 2009

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DeMontclier, Evalee

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DeMontclier, Evalee

Post  Evalee DeMontclier on Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:49 am


[ THE FULL NAME ]: Evalee Aarianna Hart DeMontclier
[ THE NICKNAMES ]: Eva, Lee, Heart, Eve, Al
[ THE BIRTHDAY ]: February 14, 1997
[ THE AGE ]: Eleven
[ THE GENDER ]: Female
[ THE SEXUALITY ]: Straight, she's not of an age that she's cared enough to think about it.
[ THE NATIONALITY ]: Dillon, Colorado

[ THE TALENT ]: Theater...She has some training with the piano, but she dropped the lessons a year ago. She's also had some pretty thorough dance and singing lessons. All to make her more of a lady so that her father would smile at her.
[ THE GRADE ]: Part of the itty bitty Firstie committee.
[ FORM OF STUDENT ]: Fully paid



    Happy families
    Her elder brother
    Fairy tales
    Pretending to be anyone but herself
    Watching others when they are happy
    Aged photographs
    Antique things
    The idea of 'True Love'


    Playing with the house staff
    Making up stories
    Acting out her made-up stories
    Pretending to be someone else
    Pretending to be somewhere else
    Writing stories
    Horseback riding
    Learning to be a 'lady'
    Trying to earn her father's affection


    Being useless
    Her father's apathy
    Evil people
    Being left alone
    Being the outsider
    Being perfect
    The idea of anyone breaking anyone else
    Eating meat


    Being forgotten
    Her father's hatred
    The dark
    Losing her imagination
    Dying alone
    Losing her heart

    Independent to a certain point
    Seeking affection
    Strong-willed when it truly matters
    Verging on heartbroken
    Honest to a fault

[ THE ULTIMATE GOAL ]: Evalee wants her father to accept her. She can't bring herself to say she'd do anything since she knows she wouldn't have the heart to do absolutely anything even if it meant hurting someone else. However...in her imagination, he'll love her if she's a successful actress.
[ THE PREVIOUS SUCCESSES ]: To date, Evalee has managed to come close to mastering the piano, though she quit...She got straight As from her schooling...And she managed to get her father to glance at her once.
[ THE STRUGGLES ]: Evalee's biggest struggle has been...her lack of family. Her father, mother and brother live in another of the family-owned houses in another part of the country. While she grew up alone, aching for parental love, they traveled and were a bit of a family. She struggles with the idea that she may not be necessary to anyone's happiness. At this point in life, Evalee is growing desperate for true affection, though she keeps that desperation carefully tucked away.

[ THE OTHER SCHOOL ]: Evalee didn't go to a school, she was tutored by highly trained professionals. So, Felicity is her first school. And she's only going because her brother put up such a fuss when he was ten that her father didn't want a repeat of the event. It's more for appearances of fair treatment than anything to do with love.


[ THE PLAYED-BY ]: Fanning, Elle

[ THE EYES ]: Huge eyes draw most of any onlooker's attention. Large and sky blue, they are lovely and indicate that she might one day become a lovely young woman. Those eyes speak of hurt and sadness, understanding more of the dangers of the world than she should. However, it is when she is happy that her eyes truly come to life. They sparkle and seem to lure others into joining to her happiness. These two blue irises truly represent windows to little Evalee's soul. When she's sad, they shimmer and darken...When she's angry, they storm and when she's happy, they represent a taste of heaven.
[ THE HAIR ]: Honeyed locks hang from this child's scalp. Her hair has a personality of its own, curly one day, straight the next, it can't seem to decide which is better. Luckily for Evalee, her hair holds any styling really well and she rarely needs to use hairspray on it. Soft to the touch and usually warmed by the sun due to the all the time she spends outside, one would think her lustrous locks are her pride and joy. They're not, really. In fact, she hates having to brush them every morning and night, and if it weren't for her childhood education, she'd leave her golden locks tangled and wild. However, every lady needs to have neat hair, right?
[ THE SMILE ]: Due to how lonely and sad she seems, one would think Evalee's smile is rusty and unused. This is not so. She smiles often and with much enjoyment. Her smile is contagious to everybody except her father. Her smiles reveal her small, even teeth. Pearly white and even, they almost seem like baby teeth. However, they are larger and tougher. Back to the smile...As intoxicating as others might find it, sometimes she uses it just to hide how desperate she is. Bad stuff has to give way to happiness, right?
[ THE OTHER FACIAL STUFF ]: Evalee's young face has yet to be scarred by the oily, acne-infested waters of adolescence. She's still young enough that her face is fresh and baby soft. And her nose is still small, her features retaining their childishness. Upon first glance, some people might think of a china doll, that's how fragile she appears at times.

[ THE BUILD ]: Evalee is a very slender young lady. She can slip into very tight places that most people wouldn't be able to even dream of fitting in. Her baby fat slipped away the previous year, due to her constant running around outside. There is a layer of muscle beneath her soft skin, showing that she's not exactly just some dumb rich kid.
[ THE HEIGHT ]: 4'3"
[ THE WEIGHT ]: 81lbs
[ THE POSTURE ]: Evalee has a very proper posture, back straight, shoulders back a bit...She was taught to sit, stand and walk properly due to her stature, but she practiced it religiously when she was younger to be able to act more like a lady. There is a certain elegance in the way she walks and she never allows herself to slouch or slump, even if she's simply exhausted.

[ THE CLOTHING ]: Evalee has never cared for clothing...She'd be as likely to throw on a boy's clothing as she would a girl's clothing. Luckily for her, the house staff was looking out for her. She has a wide range of clothes to select from, going from the intricate finery to the simple overalls. The butler and her bodyguard took her out a few weeks before school and bought her another selection just before school. Not that she approved, Evalee hates wasteful uses of money and she absolutely abhorrs shopping for clothing.
[ THE HYGIENE ]: Evalee has become a very hygiene-conscious girl. She keeps her small hands clean and washed, although she's not obsessive about it. Unfortunately, she's a bit sensitive and hates having sticky hands or skin. It bothers her like nothing else. She takes a shower everyday as well, to maintain a clean form. Ironically, though she hates sticky skin, she will gladly trek through the mud and have no problem with it.


[ THE PARENTS ]: Ethan Flint DeMontclier (49), multi-trillionaire and owner of several major businesses. This is the most powerful man in Evalee's world. A frown or cruel word could shatter her and a smile is heaven. His love is the one thing she craves above all else.
Winifred Mariabelle DeMontclier (45), trophy wife and fashion designer. Winifred rarely ever affected Evalee...She was just a shadow in the child's world. Yet, this woman does not seem to care anything for the girl either.
[ THE SIBLINGS ]: ________ DeMontclier (m) - Evalee doesn't really know him, but she's always admired him from afar. She doesn't have it in her to really be envious of him, but she's afraid to attempt to get to know him. He is the biggest unknown to Evalee.
[ OTHER IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS ]: The house staff in the Colorado mansion. Evalee lived alone with all of those people. A majority of the staff had homes to go to each night, however there were a couple of people, like the Butler and Evalee's personal Bodyguard, who stayed with the child day and night. They grew to care about her, and she treated the staff like a family of sorts.
[ IMPORTANT ANCESTRY ]: Distantly, the DeMontclier family is related to the French and English royalty, due to a couple of nobles who were, at the time, fourth or fifth from their thrones...They fell in love and got married many, many years ago. Their descendants were among the pilgrims who came to the Americas. At this point, the DeMontclier family's line to either throne is very long and there's no point in bragging about it.

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Evalee DeMontclier
Evalee DeMontclier
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Re: DeMontclier, Evalee

Post  Evalee DeMontclier on Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:11 pm

Hmmm....I think this needs a stamp of: DONE!
Evalee DeMontclier
Evalee DeMontclier
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Theatre Geek

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Re: DeMontclier, Evalee

Post  Isabelle Cauldine on Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:04 am


Welcome to Felicity J. Harriman School for the Arts! We're so happy to have you here at Felicity, and can't wait to start enjoying our artistic experience with you. Why don't you scurry on over and set up a plot page so we can start setting up relationships? Make sure you get a cell phone so that all your friends can contact you! After that, make sure you sign up for some classes so that you can shine at Harriman. Feel free to pm Isabelle Cauldine, Isaac Cauldine, or Simon Theodore with any of your questions.


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Re: DeMontclier, Evalee

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