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»"Oh, WG, have you really know decency? This is kind of old news, but it looks like IC might have paid off a few people, like the true politician’s daughter that she is, to keep this little gem on the hush hush. But oh, IC, IC, don’t you know that nothing is safe from me?"

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World News Broadcasting 03.19.09
»"Yet another car bomb went off in Iraqiranistan at approximately 3 PM this afternoon. Casualties were numbered at as many as twenty Iraqistanis, as well as three American soldiers, and thirty of both parties wounded. A statement has not been issued by the army as to the potential terrorists, but WNB is willing to guesstimate that Tyler Durden + Sack Of Mothballs = Big Explosion"

Maine to Pass Bill for Heavy Budget Cuts; Sports, Arts Suffer
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The Wonderful Wizard of [Oz Kendell]

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The Wonderful Wizard of [Oz Kendell]

Post  Ozzie Kendell on Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:20 pm

Ozzie Andrew Kendell

STRANGERS //Some say we're never meant to grow up, I'm sure they never knew enough
NEW FRIENDS //I know the pressures won't go away, it's too late
FRIEND OF A FRIEND //Find out the difference somehow, it's too late to even have faith
FIRST NAME BASIS //Don't think things will ever change, you must be dreaming
ONLY JUST MET //Think before you make up your mind
ENEMY TURNED FRIENDS //You don't seem to realize I can do this on my own
USED TO BE FRIENDS //And if I fall I'll take it all, it's so easy after all
ROOMMATES //Believe me 'cause now's the time to try
FORBIDDEN FRIENDS //Don't wait, the chance will pass you by
CIRCLE OF TRUST //Time's up to figure it out, you can't say it's too late
AVERAGE FRIENDS //Seems like everything we knew turned out were never even true
SO-SO FRIENDS //Don't trust, things will ever change. You must be dreaming
Think before you make up your mind
You don't seem to realize I can do this on my own
And if I fall I'll take it all, it's so easy after all

PRETTY GOOD FRIENDS //Some say we're better off without knowing what life is all about
OLD FAMILY FRIENDS //I'm sure they'll never realize the way it's too late
PARTNERS IN CRIME //Somehow it's different everyday, in some ways it never fades away
BEST FRIENDS FOREVER //Seems like it's never gonna change. I must be dreaming
Think before you make up your mind, you don't seem to realize
I can do this on my own
Think before you make up your mind, you don't seem to realize
I can do this on my own
And if I fall I'll take it all it's so easy after all

FLEETING GLANCES //The faster we're falling,
ATTRACTION //We're stopping and stalling.
COULD BE MORE //We're running in circles again
TENSION //Just as things we're looking up
AWKWARD ATTRACTION //You said it wasn't good enough.
FLIRTING //But still we're trying one more time.
GOOD TERMS //Maybe we're just trying to hard.
POSSIBLE FUTURE //When really it's closer than it is too far
FUTURE //Cause I'm in too deep, and I'm trying to keep,
LUST //Up above in my head, instead of going under.
FLING //Instead of going under.
IN DENIAL //Seems like each time
BAD TERMS //I'm with you I loose my mind,
SWEETHEARTS //Because I'm bending over backwards to relate.
MUTUAL CRUSH //It's one thing to complain
ONE SIDED CRUSH //But when you're driving me insane
OBSESSIVE //Well then I think it's time that we took a break.
FORBIDDEN //I can't sit back and wonder why.
FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS //It took so long for this to die.
IN LOVE //And I hate it when you fake it.
TRUE LOVE //You can't hide it you might as well embrace it.
SECRET //So believe me it's not easy.

NEW FOUND ENEMIES //So am I still waiting For this world to stop hating
BY ASSOCIATION //Can't find a good reason, can't find hope to believe in
FORMER FRIENDS //Drop dead a bullet to my head
FOR SHOW //Your words are like a gun in hand
RIVALS //You can't change the state of the nation
TENSION //We just need some motivation
DISGUST //Three times casino eviction
FEAR //Just lies and more contradiction
AVOIDANCE //So tell me what would you say
INTIMIDATED //I'd say its up to me
DISTRUST //Ignorance and Understanding
JEALOUS //We're the first ones to jump in line
COLD SHOULDER //Out of step for what we believe in
ANNOYING //But whos left? To start the pleading
CHEATED ON //How far will we take this
INTOLERABLE //It's not hard to see through the sickness
DISLIKE //This can't last forever
BACKSTABBED //Time won't make things better
ONE-SIDED HATRED //I feel so alone. Can't help myself and no one knows
MUTUAL HATRED //If this is worthless, tell me so
HARDCORE HATRED //What have we done? We're in a war that can't be won
GO TO HELL //This can't be real I don't know what to feel


    [img]pictures please![/img]
    [b]full name:[/b]
    [b]year and artistic group:[/b]
    [b]favorite quote:[/b]
    [b]what you think of Oz?:[/b]
Ozzie Kendell
Ozzie Kendell
Theatre Geek
Theatre Geek

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Re: The Wonderful Wizard of [Oz Kendell]

Post  Evalee DeMontclier on Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:14 pm

full name: Evalee Aarianna Hart DeMontclier
year and artistic group: Sixth; Theater
favorite quote: "Drama is life with the dull bits left out." - Alfred Hitchcock
relationship(s)! Partners in crime; future; true love
history: They met in the cafeteria one day. Both of them were lonely souls at the time, but something clicked when Oz asked Al if he could sit with her. They grew closer over time.
what you think of Oz?: "I think Oz is the best friend any girl could ever have. Some part of me never wants to grow older, just so that we can retain the happiness we have now. He can be a bit awkward, but it only makes him all the more endearing in the end!"
Evalee DeMontclier
Evalee DeMontclier
Theatre Geek
Theatre Geek

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