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January 2009

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Drivers should proceed with caution while driving on roads before they have been cleared. Up to two inches expected to fall overnight. For more information and updates on the weather, visit World News Broadcasting online.
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A fifth year prima ballerina with a realistic lifestyle, a wonderful sense of humor, and a delightful plot. Congratulations go to Rach on winning this month's award!
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Feledichuk, Clayton

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Feledichuk, Clayton

Post  Clay Feledichuk on Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:47 pm


[ THE FULL NAME ]: Clayton Uriel Feledichuk
[ THE BIRTHDAY ]: July 4, 1991
[ THE AGE ]: Seventeen...How sad.
[ THE GENDER ]: Male...Yes, very male.
[ THE SEXUALITY ]: Says he's straight, but his sexuality gets called into question due to his choice in instruments.
[ THE NATIONALITY ]: Hollywood, CA

[ THE TALENT ]: Music...Not necessarily band - Flute!
[ THE GRADE ]: Twelfth Night! Oh, right..Senior, baby!
[ FORM OF STUDENT ]: Fully paid!



    Composing music
    Having fun
    Watching old movies
    His little brother
    Random acts of kindness
    Japanese Flutes
    Big bodies of water
    Freshly cut grass
    Playing his flute(s)


    Practicing the sax (been working on it for three years, now)
    Learning as much as he can about Japanese flutes
    Playing his Japanese flute
    Playing regular flutes
    Reading up on the news of the world
    Watching old movies
    Writing music
    Reading good pieces of fiction


    Crying girls - It's a weakness.
    People who refuse to use their brains
    Promiscuous clothing
    Unnecessary violence
    Being bullied for being rich
    People who judge before they know anything
    Dirty snow


    Not being a good big brother
    Breaking his hands
    Getting a lung disease
    Losing his ear for good music
    Becoming dull
    Dying young
    Becoming Superman
    G.I. Joe (traumatic childhood event...)
    Army girls

    Confidence, charisma, friendly, hard-worker, serious (when he wants to be), elegant, patient, musical, fun, carefree, happy, compassionate, empathetic, considerate, stubborn, independent, rarely angry, far too generous at times...

[ THE ULTIMATE GOAL ]: Prove he can earn a living on his own before accepting his fate as his father's heir.
[ THE PREVIOUS SUCCESSES ]: He's met a bunch of famous celebrities, and saved the world. Clay has done a ton of things, he's gone mountain climbing, sky diving, and bungee jumping. Oh and he's gone on amusement park hopping trips...He once turned in a piece of poetry when he was five and got a prize...Though he never went back to writing.
[ THE STRUGGLES ]: Fighting a battle of wills with his father over whether or not he's going to inherit the family business. He once had a little sister, but she died when she was two, due to 'health complications' - he and his brother were never given specifics. Currently, his mother is pregnant again.

[ THE OTHER SCHOOL ]: Clay went to a private school in Montana, St. Michael's Academy for Boys. He got great grades, he just had a sour attitude. In fact, when he found out about Harriman, he and his father had a huge fight over it. It was only due to Gertrude's, his mother, support that he won. When his brother came of age, he again had a battle of wills with Frank about whether or not the younger Feledichuk child could switch.


[ THE PLAYED-BY ]: Efron, Zac

[ THE EYES ]: Clay has electric blue eyes. Sometimes they startle other people with just how blue they are. When he's angry, they darken, but usually they remain the same bright blue, almost painful to look at. They are almond in shape and fringed with a good layer of lashes. Nothing spiffy.
[ THE HAIR ]: Clay's hair has changed from year to year. This year, it is a rick, dark brown with natural lighter highlights interspersed throughout. Right now, it's just long enough to get into his eyes, but still short enough that when he makes himself look 'pretty' it smooths back perfectly. Sometimes he styles it, but the other half the time, he runs his fingers through it and leaves it at that, letting his hair do rest of the work.
[ THE SMILE ]: At least three sentences. Do they smile often? Are their teeth straight?
[ THE OTHER FACIAL STUFF ]: Frank refused to see his son sporting any sort of acne, so he forced Clay to start using state of the art skin care products when he was twelve. An act that Clay does not resent him for. One will also rarely see this boy with an unshaven face, if one does, then it is a sign that something that thrown him for a loop.

[ THE BUILD ]: Clay is...unsurprisingly, muscular. He works out in the evenings to keep his perfectly toned body the way he wants it.
[ THE HEIGHT ]: 6'0"
[ THE WEIGHT ]: 210 lbs of pure muscle.
[ THE POSTURE ]: Since the very idea of slumping was trained out of him when he was five, Clay does not slump. However, neither does he walk, or sit, as though there's a stick up his you-know-what. His posture is generally very relaxed and open. To prove he is human, he does stumble every once in awhile just like everyone else. Although...if he really wants to he can be the smoothest, most elegant man a person ever did meet.

[ THE CLOTHING ]: Clay stopped wearing what his mother picked out for him when he was seven. That was when he realized exactly what the world he lived in had to offer. These days, he keeps his clothing comfortable. It's just as likely to spot him in a dress shirt and suit jacket over jeans as it is a waistcoat and turtleneck over jeans. Or a t-shirt with a hoodie...over jeans. Oh yes, he loooves his jeans. When he needs to dress up, it is assured he will pull out a very nice tuxedo.
[ THE HYGIENE ]: He likes to wake up with a shower each morning. Oddly enough, he likes to take a shower before bed, too...Yet that is due to the fact that he refuses to go to bed all sweaty and gross (he works out in the evenings, after all). Other than that, he brushes his teeth, and flosses, twice each day and even remembers to put on deodorant. What a good boy he is.


[ THE PARENTS ]: Father - Frank Laertes Feledichuk - age 41; owner of several very large and very influential production companies...Also the bane of Clay's existence.

Mother - Gertrude Penelope Feledichuk - age 37; former famous actress and model - retired after she lost her two-year-old daughter; is currently pregnant.
[ THE SIBLINGS ]: _______ Feledichuk, second year.
[ OTHER IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS ]: Clay's grandparents were people he only saw on the holidays. However, he did have a cousin named Jeremy whom he was very close to. Unfortunately, Jeremy got into booze, drugs and prostitutes...He completely lost Clayton's respect.
[ IMPORTANT ANCESTRY ]: Nope...Maybe an English knight somewhere back there, or a royal servant, but nobody truly notable...His father still claims they are related to Henry VIII via his illegitimate son Henry, that he had with Anne Boleyn's sister. When Clay heard of the book The Other Boleyn Girl, he decided his father was insane...Until he looked up 'the Other Boleyn Girl' and found she was real. He still doesn't believe Frank...Which is a good thing, since it's not true.
Clay Feledichuk
Clay Feledichuk
Band Aid
Band Aid

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Re: Feledichuk, Clayton

Post  Clay Feledichuk on Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:27 pm

Clay Feledichuk
Clay Feledichuk
Band Aid
Band Aid

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Re: Feledichuk, Clayton

Post  Isabelle Cauldine on Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:11 pm


Welcome to Felicity J. Harriman School for the Arts! We're so happy to have you here at Felicity, and can't wait to start enjoying our artistic experience with you. Why don't you scurry on over and set up a plot page so we can start setting up relationships? Make sure you get a cell phone so that all your friends can contact you! After that, make sure you sign up for some classes so that you can shine at Harriman. Feel free to pm Isabelle Cauldine, Isaac Cauldine, or Simon Theodore with any of your questions.


Isabelle Cauldine
Isabelle Cauldine
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Re: Feledichuk, Clayton

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