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»"Oh, WG, have you really know decency? This is kind of old news, but it looks like IC might have paid off a few people, like the true politician’s daughter that she is, to keep this little gem on the hush hush. But oh, IC, IC, don’t you know that nothing is safe from me?"

Oh, Baby, Baby!
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World News Broadcasting 03.19.09
»"Yet another car bomb went off in Iraqiranistan at approximately 3 PM this afternoon. Casualties were numbered at as many as twenty Iraqistanis, as well as three American soldiers, and thirty of both parties wounded. A statement has not been issued by the army as to the potential terrorists, but WNB is willing to guesstimate that Tyler Durden + Sack Of Mothballs = Big Explosion"

Maine to Pass Bill for Heavy Budget Cuts; Sports, Arts Suffer
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Post  Deidre L. Spicer on Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:37 pm

Spicer leaned back in the chair she had set up on the floor in front of the auditorium's stage. She had rolled in a white erase board (no easy feat in the hallways of Harriman) and had gotten it up onto the stage, but for at least the first part of class she wanted to be close to the students. Close enough to see them sweat, as some would say. She chuckled to herself and spooned up another mouthful of peach yogurt. Perhaps it wasn't the greatest decision in the world to be leaning back on two legs of the chair whilst consuming yogurt, but one couldn't very easily choke on yogurt. She ran her tongue over the cupped part of the spoon, watching the door. There was still fifteen minutes or so before class started, but she loved her students to be nice and early.

She wiggled her toes within their strapped sandals, thankful for the central heating in the Auditorium. Her jacket, black with a pattern of purple roses, had been left in a pile next to the white board. On top of it was a bag of dry erase markers, hopefully ones that worked, and under the pile was her simple, stuffed black purse. There were no notes to be seen, she didn't need any. Her lesson plan was in her head - and it was going to be quite a doozy. She took another bite of yogurt and continued to wait for her victims students.
Deidre L. Spicer

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Post  Isaac Cauldine on Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:00 pm

Hope you don't mind I godmodded a bit for their personality dynamics. If you want me to change anything, just shoot me a pm and I’ll be more than happy to correct it. :]

Time was a funny thing when one was at school all the time. As Isaac looked back at the year so far, seemed a very short time from when he had met back up with all his friends on the lawn at the beginning of the year; however, he felt like he had been in school for way too long, even if most of his classes were simply him playing or composing some form of music. Isabelle had forced him to sign up for Theatre Lit. at the beginning of the year, and like usual, he complied. He would never admit it to anyone, probably, but he really enjoyed coming to this class, even if it didn't involve music at all. It was a nice break, and he got to have a class with people he normally wouldn't. And then of course there was Ms. Deidre L. Spencer. Yes. The femi-nazi. He wasn't sure if 'despise' or even 'dislike' would be the correct connotation to describe her views of Isaac, but the death glares she shot at him whenever he was seen 'wooing' a girl, were enough to give him the impression that she didn't like many of the things he did. He kept exceptional marks in her class though, so she didn't have backing for getting onto him as a student. Her opinions of him actually were the source of great amusement to him.

There were still fifteen minutes before class started, and he assumed no one had entered the room yet, so rather than being in the class with the woman for that long, he waited outside the building a few minutes, tapping out a cig, lighting up, then inhaling it, on lungful at a time. What an amazingly horrible habit. The stick gone and some more minutes wasted talking to people, Isaac said his goodbyes to the group he had greeted and smalltalked before entering through one set of doors leading inside, then another leading into the make-shift lecture hall. Damn it all. Ten minutes to go and he was still the first one there. Weren't there suckups somewhere missing out on ideal suckup time? Regardless of the situation, the sophomore made his way down the steps to the second row of seats, walked halfway through the row and sat down, backpack plopping beside him. His gaze turned to his teacher with a grin, "Morning."

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She doesn't mean a thing to me, I swear

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Someone else please save myself from me

Isaac Cauldine
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Post  Deidre L. Spicer on Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:44 pm

Spicer leaned forward in her chair as the door in the back of the room opened; her first attendee. She was of course extremely interested to see who would be the first to show their face, and she certainly hadn't been expecting the face that was now...facing her. She scraped the last of the yogurt out of its small container and held the spoon in her mouth as she set the empty container beside her chair, watching while Isaac Cauldine (of all people) came up to choose his seat. She raised an eyebrow, taking the spoon out of her mouth, "Good morning, Isaac. I didn't expect you to be so early." She smiled coldly at him. She wasn't outright mean to any student, but something about Isaac Cauldine just rubbed her the wrong way. He was too young to have so many girls falling after him, and the fact that he seemed to be proud of such a feat just frustrated her to no end. He was a bright student, though. There was no doubt in her mind regarding his cleverness, she just thoroughly disapproved of the way he used it.

"Since you've decided to be so prompt, why don't you take a seat up here in the front. We've a small class for the time being." She bent down to deposit her spoon in the empty yogurt container. "I must say I'm impressed that you didn't attempt to sit in the boon docks of the lecture hall." Spicer was one to give credit where credit was due, and it was all too usual for boys like Isaac to waste themselves in the backs of classrooms. "Have you ever read The Importance of Being Earnest, Isaac?" She crossed her legs in front of her, then adjusted the annoying glasses resting over the bridge of her nose.
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Post  Seven Harriman on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:20 am

it was a brand new day and a brand new theater lit class, and seven was absolutely thrilled to be returning for one of her favorite classes. she genuinely liked mizz spicer, and was eternally eager for an opportunity to gain her good graces. with a copy of her most recent play written over the summer, 'mae jean's may day', seven positively flounced towards the lecture hall with a spring in her step that only an eager twelve-and-three-quarters year old could possess. smoothing down the skirt of her blue vintage dress as she walked, her form beneath shapeless and long, with absolutely no hint of a figure at all.

it was a far walk from the girls dormitories to the hemmingway wing, and seven glowed fondly at the name of one of her heroes and the diviner behind the modernist movement as she turned onto the corridor after a solid walk at a solid pace. the lecture hall was the first turn-in, and gracefully with the polish of someone who knew well what she was doing, seven opened the doors which led out to the top row of the ampi-theater type set-up, the click of her white mary-janes dying out as she stepped onto the carpet.

"mizz spicer," seven said with a note of affection in her voice, stepping carefully down the steps until she reached her teacher at her podium. "i wrote this play over the summer, and i would like for you to read it. i think you'll identify with some of the characters; especially mae's mother, there were parts of her that reminded me of you..."

as seven looked up to see what other student had joined them she noticed isaac cauldine and immediately straightened up, fluffing her hair from behind her ears and smoothing her dress once more, though no wrinkles had appear since her last once-over. with the ghost of a smile on her lips she popped up the stairs and took the seat next to him, smiling politely.

"hello isaac. have you read the importance of being earnest?" she asked with a small smile, "it's one of my favorites really... i mean, if you have that sort of sense of humour, it's really quite funny.."
Seven Harriman
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