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Guitar lessons Isaac closed(?)

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Guitar lessons Isaac closed(?)

Post  Abigail Applebottom on Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:05 am

Abi had sent a text to Isaac a few minutes ago, to meet her here at the Memorial Fountain, for some more guitar lessons. It had been a pretty manic couple of days, and she felt a little bad for neglecting her lessons with Isaac, but it couldn't be helped. They could catch up by the fountain and it would be fun, as usual. Her guitar in hand, she stood by the fountain, holding the guitar without a case, there wasn't any point. It wasn't very far from her room and it just meant more hassle, at least it was good enough weather outside.

Her hair for once, was swept away from her face, in a loose messy ponytail at the base of her neck, Abi stood rolling her eyes, until she perched on the edge of the fountain. She hoped he wouldn’t be long; she didn’t want to look like a complete idiot out in the open that would just be embarrassing! Abi rested an arm on her leg, moving her guitar on the edge of the fountain, on the cool stone but making sure she didn’t let it go. She was sure she had put to meet her at 3pm, but now she wasn't sure. If he didn't show?

"Come on Isaac, where are you?!" Eventually, Abi lifted her arm, leaning her guitar against the wall of the fountain, crossing her arms and giving a 'patient' sigh.
Abigail Applebottom
Abigail Applebottom
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Re: Guitar lessons Isaac closed(?)

Post  Isaac Cauldine on Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:02 am

As soon as Isaac had gotten Abi's text, he killed his plans for going to the dance hall for some grand piano time and changed into a pair of lose dark jeans and a white shirt with a jacket he had tugged out of a winter clothes box in his closet. It was getting a little brisk outside, and sitting near the fountain would probably just make it colder. He hoped Abi had thought about it, but was willing to give up his jacket if needed. Or share. He had no problem with sharing body heat. He wondered if she was still that comfortable with him this year. Last year they had been rather.. close. But it's strange sometimes what a summer can make you feel.

He grabbed his acoustic guitar and slung it backwards over his shoulder, making sure the neck didn't hit the ground as he walked. His wallet, picks, and cell safely shoved in his jacket pockets, he set out, leaving the dorm room unlocked, as always. It was a few minutes past three when he made it down there. She looked pretty artsy sitting on a fountain with a guitar, all huffy. He just grinned as he leaned over to her level, supporting his guitar with one hand and placing the other on her cheek, planting a little greeting kiss right on her lips. It was nothing big and would have been semi-normal for them last year. There wasn't really anyone around anyways, and if she had a problem with it, he knew she would tell him. Besides, she was the one who had invited him down here. Maybe she would be upset for making her wait though? It was hard to tell sometimes with Abigail.

He sat down next to her, leaving just enough room for their guitars. He took the guitar off his back and set it on his lap before smiling over at her, "Hi." He got out his pick and began tuning. God, it had been forever since he had played. "Hope I didn't keep you waiting?"

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Isaac Cauldine
Isaac Cauldine
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Re: Guitar lessons Isaac closed(?)

Post  Abigail Applebottom on Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:38 am

Abi had been pleased to have thought about what to wear, considering it was so cold, soft jumper and her warm woolly boots, her feet were perfectly snug, considering she was wearing skinny jeans that she had bought in the summer. She heard footsteps, and glanced around, until Abi spotted Isaac, his hand touching her cheek as he gave her a small greeting kiss. She remembered what had happened last year and it had definitely been the highlight of her junior year.

As soon as he moved away, and sat down, Abi smiled back at him "Hi" He looked a little different, she hadn't seen much of him since last year and there was something that Abi couldn't quite put her finger on. Had he gotten a new haircut? Visited the gym more? Whatever it was, Isaac looked very good, he picked up his guitar. Abi began following suit, making sure he was doing everything right, which he was. As soon as he began tuning, she carefully watched the tuners as he plucked away. "Not long anyway!" She smiled, now he was here it didn't matter.

"Did you play in the holidays?" Abi asked, considering he was tuning, she didn't expect a 'yes'. She held hers on her lap, having picked it up off the ground, the pick in the pocket of her jeans as she waited until his was tuned to continue. Abi didn't know what to make of her relationship with Isaac, with everything that had happened last year, what were they now? Of course, she wouldn't come right out and ask him, and it wasn't exactly a big deal, they were good friends so far as she knew and that was all she wanted. Abi didn't know whether she would do anything again with Isaac, she was confused about how she felt about Darnell and there was no way she wanted to feel guilty when she'd done nothing wrong in the first place.
Abigail Applebottom
Abigail Applebottom
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Re: Guitar lessons Isaac closed(?)

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