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January 2009

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Drivers should proceed with caution while driving on roads before they have been cleared. Up to two inches expected to fall overnight. For more information and updates on the weather, visit World News Broadcasting online.
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A fifth year prima ballerina with a realistic lifestyle, a wonderful sense of humor, and a delightful plot. Congratulations go to Rach on winning this month's award!
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Pop! Goes The Cherry
»"Oh, WG, have you really know decency? This is kind of old news, but it looks like IC might have paid off a few people, like the true politician’s daughter that she is, to keep this little gem on the hush hush. But oh, IC, IC, don’t you know that nothing is safe from me?"

Oh, Baby, Baby!
»"Hey Harrimaners, sorry for my brief abscence, but I’ve been just too busy trying to keep track of all the gossip in this school to even be able to write about it! But this little piece of news was just TOO good for even a busy bee like me to pass up."


World News Broadcasting 03.19.09
»"Yet another car bomb went off in Iraqiranistan at approximately 3 PM this afternoon. Casualties were numbered at as many as twenty Iraqistanis, as well as three American soldiers, and thirty of both parties wounded. A statement has not been issued by the army as to the potential terrorists, but WNB is willing to guesstimate that Tyler Durden + Sack Of Mothballs = Big Explosion"

Maine to Pass Bill for Heavy Budget Cuts; Sports, Arts Suffer
» "Maine has been following the precedent set by several other United States school boards and has been cutting funding significantly to schools, especially for fine arts programs. While this mostly affects public schools, it will also affect a small number of private and magnet schools that receive fundings, grants, and scholarships for students from the government."

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my favorite game [Isaac, closed.]

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my favorite game [Isaac, closed.]

Post  Eloise Harriman on Tue Feb 24, 2009 5:55 am

It wasn't the first time Eloise had sneaked out past curfew, and it wasn't going to be the last, but tonight, she still felt like she was on a covert mission. Her father had been like a hawk, as of light -not surprisingly, considering she had just gotten a license, a car, turned sixteen, you know, the whole shebang. Frowning slightly at the thought, she wrinkle her nose and shoved her hands farther into her heavy coat pockets, the freezing Maine chill making her wonder what the hell she was thinking. She couldn't wait to get out of the Ice Age and move somewhere warm. Shivering, she quickened her pace through the parking lot and jingled her keys as she pulled them from the depths of her coat, unlocking and starting her Rover from a distance and then practically diving into the passenger-side back seat with a sigh of relief. With the heat going strong and the engine humming quietly, the much happier Lo Harriman, opened her console and pulled out a pristine pack of cigarettes, of which only three had been smoked. It wasn't often that she indulged in the cliche sin, but tonight, she felt the urge and followed her whim. Pulling one from the box, she lit it with a similarly stored lighter before putting everything away, cracking the back window, and taking a slow drag.

Her father would find out that she smoked eventually, with the leather seats likely to soak up all manner of scents from her bad habits, but the Rover was Eloise's car, it was in her name, she paid the insurance on it (with her Dad's money, of course), so it wasn't like he could punish her for it reaaalllyyy. As long as she had her car, she didn't care. Lo wrinkled her nose and took another hit before tapping it against the window edge, ashes floating listlessly from the end of the white cigarette. She leaned her honey-blonde head against the window and closed her eyes, listening to the sound of the engine for a little while as she allowed thoughts to roam wildly through her head. The rumor mill at Felicity and it's latest gossip, the shenanigans of she and Rea and Isaac and Will, and both of the latters' obsession with good girls, which she found amusing, all swam lazily through her brain before she shut it off completely and sat up, reaching forward and turning on the radio. The Cardigans whispered from the speakers and she sang lightly and horridly off-key with them (singing was NOT one of her gifts), the cigarette between her lips as she peeled off her coat, now comfortable, and just enjoyed the company of her car, her brain, her music, and her mellow mood.

Eloise smiled languidly, as though at someone in particular, out the other window before closing her eyes once again and sighing heavily, removing the cigarette from her lips like a sophisticated woman, hair falling wildly over her shoulders like the mane of an 80's rock star. Life was just right, in that singular moment. Her smile grew slightly as she listened to the Cardigans and took another drag from the smoking threat between her fingers.
Eloise Harriman
Eloise Harriman
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