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January 2009

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Johnson, Jane

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Johnson, Jane

Post  Jane Johnson on Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:54 pm

((EEEE Very Happy This is Eev by the way!!!))


[ THE FULL NAME ]: Jane Lynn Johnson
[ THE NICKNAMES ]: JJ, Janeyface, Jay
[ THE BIRTHDAY ]: April 12th 1991
[ THE AGE ]: Seventeen
[ THE GENDER ]: Lady man lady! Cept just the lady parts.
[ THE SEXUALITY ]: Steeeeeraight.

[ THE TALENT ]: Musical Theater and Film (she wants to direct!)
[ THE GRADE ]: 12th Grade
[ FORM OF STUDENT ]: Fully paid. She be a working woah-man.


    Dark dark chocolate
    Red red wine
    Dancing around in her underwear
    Hamming it up in front of a mirror
    Being liked and accepted without question
    Stopping to smell the roses
    Naps and more naps
    Boys that don't like her
    People who don't lie to preserve her feelings
    Craziness (but not the dangerous kind)
    Playing on computers
    Hot running water
    Playing dress-up, preferably not alone
    Editing movies till the wee hours of the morning
    Wasabi peas and peanuts
    People who act younger than their age
    Dressing up
    Dressing down
    Cruising in her yellow truck

    Playing in the mud
    Growing things
    Making messes in the kitchen (aka cooking)
    Writing scripts
    Forcing her friends to act in said scripts
    Guerrilla film making
    Tinkering with mechanical things, especially cars

    Hot days
    Getting distracted as easily as she does
    People who manipulate
    People who "can't help themselves"
    "Director's Pets"
    Cold water
    Working with prima donnas and divas
    Dancers who wear too few clothes as a rule
    Those couples who are just sickeningly perfect for each other
    Being so far away from home
    Editing movies until the wee hours of the morning
    People who act older than their age
    Organizing anything (unless the full moon or a crazy mood strikes her)
    Prissy girls or macho boys
    Endings (of books, people, school, etc..)

    Stage fright
    Camera failure
    Editing programs
    The future
    Boys that like her

    Sometimes a deer in the headlights
    Harmless little mouse
    Finds it difficult to finish things
    Easily amused
    Easily pleased
    Easily pissed the hell off

[ THE ULTIMATE GOAL ]: Open as the lead in a Broadway musical that she co-wrote OR Write and direct a perfect screen adaptation of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland'
[ THE PREVIOUS SUCCESSES ]: Written several short scripts currently stored under her bed, landed the lead in a few good school plays, maintained her dignity throughout her career as a student, managed to move across the continent without majorly spazzing out.
[ THE STRUGGLES ]: Susceptibility to the 'bad boy'. She falls hard and fast for the one person least likely to return the favor and lingers constantly on her supposed reasons for failing. She's also incredibly aware of the way other people perceive her and though she doesn't change herself because of it, it still effects her deeply.

[ THE OTHER SCHOOL ]: Jane went to a superb public elementary school in Southern California, only a short walk from her family's modestly nice house. She was a straight B student and immensely proud of it (she was always very wary of academic overachievers and grade grubbers) but her heart had always belonged to the childish scripts she scribbled down in the school library and forced onto her cousins. She had never been so vain as to take the leading role for herself, afraid that she would never be able to live up to her own expectations, and usually took the interesting supporting character. Needless to say, her early work was rather frivolous and often dealt with the Easter Bunny and other such fanciful characters. She knew from an early age, though, that scripts and stage were somehow a large part of her.


[ THE PLAYED-BY ]: Played by Witherspoon, Reese.

[ THE EYES ]: Jane's eyes, in shape at least, aren't extremely noteworthy. They're the perfect size for her head and the rest of her face, but they lack the almond shape that Jane had longed for since thirteen. The color, however, leaves absolutely nothing to be desired as far as Jane is concerned. A glassy, cool pair of irises that are so clear and light a blue that they sometimes seem silver. Jane loves the color of her eyes, and was very pleased to find that the wonderful color she adores is also perfectly easy to change with contact lenses. Though Jane isn't consciously aware of it, her eyes are often unintentionally wide as she takes in the world around her, a trait that usually makes her look years younger than the seventeen she actually is.
[ THE HAIR ]: Jane's hair is golden blond with a mix of natural straw, honey and platinum highlights. She's sworn never to dye it if she can help it and instead opts for wigs when a role calls for a different hair color. Her sometimes wavy sometimes curly hair reaches the middle of her back, though she's cut it to a short bob at least three times in her life so far. She loves changing it in simple ways and it's not unusual for her bangs to be parted in at least four directions in the course of a week. She usually brushes it every day, but is in no way obsessive over brushing. She believes that if one goes Marsha Brady on one's hair that it is more likely to fall out than to be more perfect.
[ THE SMILE ]: Jane had braces from the time she was seven until the time she was fourteen, and she'll be damned if she'll let them go to waste by not smiling at least a hundred times a day. She takes almost obsessively good care of her teeth, and they gleam brightly from between her lips on almost any occasion. She suffers from a near constant case of the giggles, and when she isn't smiling she is usually filling a room with laughter. She's pretty sure that on at least three occasions in her life so far, her smile has either won her a great part in a play or saved her from some horrid punishment (like detention).
[ THE OTHER FACIAL STUFF ]: Jane's face is pretty normal, and is un-spotted by either freckles or blemishes. Her nose has been described to her as 'button' and even she will admit that it is a bit turned up, though she doesn't much like to talk on that subject. The only other remarkable feature of Jane's face is her naturally full lips that she often pouts when she's angry or concentrating.

[ THE BUILD ]: Jane was granted the good fortune of being built like a fairy. Specifically Tinkerbell, what with the tiny waist and oh-so-shapely hips and rear-end. She takes her diminished height as a fair trade for the waif-like body that seems loathe to take on fat, anywhere other then her butt, and that is almost eager to attain muscle. Though she doesn't look it, Jane is quite strong for her size and age and is covered with wiry 'old man' muscles that often surprise people meeting her for the first time.
[ THE HEIGHT ]: Five feet, five inches
[ THE WEIGHT ]: Fluctuates from 123 to 133, usually on the higher side due to muscle weight
[ THE POSTURE ]: Jane almost always wears pants when she can get away with it just because of the fact that she likes to sit like a boy. She hates crossing her legs (it's so bad for her hips!) and usually spreads her legs out in front of her in a wide 'V'. Her back, on the other hand, is almost always as straight as it can be, with a slight sway that runs in her family. She normally walks with her heels first, bouncing lightly and looking faintly like an old Western cowboy. Keep in mind this is all her natural posture and gait, she is more than capable of copying any type of movement she needs to for a role.

[ THE CLOTHING ]: Her clothing choice can normally be summed up in two words : what's clean. Normal everyday attire doesn't mean much to Jane, as she is already secure in the naive beleif that clothes don't make a person. She will, however, dress up in a thigh-length dress with matching pumps or a cute top paired with skinny jeans for either a special boy or an audition. Actually, she dresses quite abnormally (for her) when she attends auditions, having learned well by now that casting panels want to see actors at their best. Jane's friends know when something (good or bad) is up with her when they see her dressed in red; a color that, on Jane, can mean either supreme anger or supreme confidence.
[ THE HYGIENE ]: Along with being graced with an easily maintainable body type, Jane was somehow made with the ability to neglect herself for a day or two without any serious consequences. Other than her teeth and, to a lesser extent, her hair, Jane worries very little about hygiene. That isn't to say that she's a dirty person, just that she can get away with not washing her face for a week and nobody would notice. When it comes to showers and baths though, Jane is an absolute addict. This comes more from the fact that hot running water is one of her favorite things in the world, though, than from any attempt to be sparkling clean. Jane is usually able to suppress any feelings of self-consciousness for a very long time, but this ability comes with some serious pitfalls. Every once in a while, Jane has something of a breakdown; letting every little nit-picky comment or self-doubt hit her at once. Thankfully these breakdowns hardly ever last more than an hour before Jane is able to bottle herself up again.


Martin Euller Johnson; Technical Consultant for a Multi-national Computer Firm
Virginia Lynn Johnson; Writer of Fictional Crime Novels
Jane's parents have always been loving and supportive, sending their eldest daughter off to the other end of the continent so she could realize her full potential. Jane misses her parents fiercely, and though she has definitely had her spats with them, she has long since decided that her love for them is greater than any fleeting anger they bring about. Being the oldest of three has taught her the responsibilities that go along with children, and she realizes more and more each year what huge sacrifices her parents have made and are continuing to make for her.
Evelyn Marie Johnson; 15, attends a high school on a college campus
Max Jason Johnson; 13, attends a private school in California on a football scholarship
Jane usually gets along with her siblings, but they do fight. Fights in their family, however, rarely last long and are often won by holding the other person in a headlock until they give in. The frank and truthful environment that Jane and her siblings grew up in lead to very open relationships between the three, though Max is becoming more and more removed as he ventures into puberty.
[ OTHER IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS ]: Jane's mother was the middle child of five sisters, and the two younger sisters live very close to the family's house in California. Jane, her siblings, and the two sons and two daughters of these sisters are like one big group of siblings. Throughout her young life, Jane enlisted these four cousins, along with her brother and sister, to act in the latest script she's written up. Practically every holiday all three families would get together and the kids would put on the newest 'JJ Production'.
[ IMPORTANT ANCESTRY ]: The two sides of Jane's family can be traced back to a band of bloodthirsty Irish pirates and an elite group of assassins kept by the King of England. In fact, in the early days of the American colonies, Jane's ancestors owned most of South Carolina. Now, however, the families have inevitable spread throughout the continent. It is likely, however, that Jane could travel to any state in the US and find somebody there that was related to her. Catholics, go figure!

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Re: Johnson, Jane

Post  Isabelle Cauldine on Fri Oct 03, 2008 2:03 pm


Welcome to Felicity J. Harriman School for the Arts! We're so happy to have you here at Felicity, and can't wait to start enjoying our artistic experience with you. Why don't you scurry on over and set up a plot page so we can start setting up relationships? Make sure you get a cell phone so that all your friends can contact you! After that, make sure you sign up for some classes so that you can shine at Harriman. Lastly, head on over to the first day of school picnic by the lake, for some good back-to-school celebrations, and a good excuse to postpone classes for a day!


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