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January 2009

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Drivers should proceed with caution while driving on roads before they have been cleared. Up to two inches expected to fall overnight. For more information and updates on the weather, visit World News Broadcasting online.
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A fifth year prima ballerina with a realistic lifestyle, a wonderful sense of humor, and a delightful plot. Congratulations go to Rach on winning this month's award!
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peters, zachary

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peters, zachary

Post  Zach Peters on Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:14 am


[ THE FULL NAME ]: zachary quentin peters
[ THE NICKNAMES ]: zach, z-man, 'oi peters' - he anwers to pretty much anything. yes, including "zaaaach, daaaaahling".
[ THE BIRTHDAY ]: august 15th 1993
[ THE AGE ]: fifteen
[ THE GENDER ]: male
[ THE SEXUALITY ]: straight
[ THE NATIONALITY ]: american. zach hails from miami, florida, where apparently his father's side of the family has lived since.. okay, not forever, but a whole hell of a long time ago.

[ THE TALENT ]: it was his skill with a paintbrush and sculpting knife that first got zach accepted into harriman in sixth grade; his works were small-scale, but never failed to hold a certain vivacity in their lines. for a time he was happy to simply work on improving himself in that particular talent, then in his third year was drafted into helping the shakespeare in the sun society. from making props to watching their rehearsals first hand, one thing led to another and the boy tried his hand at theatre as well. apparently he wasn't half bad at it either, and now zach divides his time between both visual and performing arts with equal fervour.
[ THE GRADE ]: fourth year/ fresheeerrr (pfft)
[ FORM OF STUDENT ]: fully paid


    painting. sculpting. shakespeare. hair products. randomly crazy clothes. friends. girls. good jokes. bad jokes. lame jokes. pickup lines. last words. donatello. raphael. grease. soundtracks. spying on the dancers. singing horribly offkey on purpose. sleeping in. the occasional puff. guitar hero. mcdonalds. socializing. "current events" aka gossip (guilty pleasure).

    sketching. anything art-related. soccer (he's not very good at it though). digging through the costumes closet. trying to skateboard (he's even worse at this). making up bad raps. tv (so what if it's bad for his eyes?). messing with his brother. hanging out, as long as it's nothing strenuous.

    having no inspiration. bad hair days. dandruff. his parents getting on his case. uptight buggers. fakes. poseurs. cheaters. complicated maths. female smokers. peanut butter. getting picked on. cramped spaces. ripoffs. tea. confrontation. favouritism. too much pressure. heavy metal. awkward silences. chain emails/messages.

    losing use of his hands. fire. cooking. suffocation. family tragedies. getting robbed. road accidents. getting forgotten/ left behind. disappointment. his artwork being rejected.

    easygoing. friendly. casual. passionate about his art. sporadically eccentric. hair-obsessed. not big on displaying affection. closet sweetheart. lazy. trusting. confident. odd sense of humour. mostly irresponsible. blunt. outspoken. sometimes an ass. lover, not a fighter. periodically extravagant. a follower.

[ THE ULTIMATE GOAL ]: zach's ambitions are relatively modest and low profile compared to that of his schoolmates; all he really wants is to be recognized as an artist- whether as a painter, sculptor or performer- at a respectable level. fame isn't all that necessary, he just wants to know that it's attainable. this sort of clashes with his parents' expectations, but he's hoping to change their minds too someday.
[ THE PREVIOUS SUCCESSES ]: hell, he got into harriman didn't he? zach has also won several inter-school competitions for his artwork. for now his stage career has been limited to school productions, but who knows? anything can happen.
[ THE STRUGGLES ]: mostly, any problems he has had involves his parents in some way. they've disagreed with how "low" he's set his sights from day one and so far the situation hasn't been resolved; if anything, it seems to be gradually worsening, though not from lack of trying. for his part zach has resigned himself to waiting them out; it's not an easy task but it's preferable to heated arguments. schoolwise he plods along peacefully and satisfactorily, facing about the same issues as any other teenager his age.

[ THE OTHER SCHOOL ]: pre-harriman, zach attended a private school in miami, where he first began his love affair with renaissance era art. in that subject he did brilliantly well, but averaged mostly A minuses or Bs in everything else- except math, in which he'd be lucky to score a C plus. they had a mutual hatred, him and good ol' mathematics, and a long-lasting one at that.


[ THE PLAYED-BY ]: angarano, michael

[ THE EYES ]: double-lidded, slanting downwards at the outer corners, zach's eyes are a warm light brown colour, with light blue flecks visible upon close inspection. in the right light however they become a grayish blue- slightly foggy, though his gaze remains just as penetrating. when he's focused on something, or thinking, or distracted, they tend to look grave, sad even, a serious expression that lends maturity to his face; on the other hand when he smiles it lights up his eyes completely and the transformation is total, turning bright, happy and surprisingly full of enthusiasm.
[ THE HAIR ]: ah, the hair, his pride and joy. he's already fortunate enough that it's naturally easy to manage, but zach still takes amazing care of his hair; if one were to sneak a peek into his closet his wide array of hair care products would be immediately visible, lined in a neat row right at the bottom according to preference and frequency of use. it's possible he could give the school's queen bees a run for their money with the stuff he has, because zach has the bad habit of buying something new ("i might need it!") whenever he changes his hairstyle- which is maybe every couple months or so. right now he's keeping it at almost shoulder length, with the ends curling up backwards. it actually doesn't look too bad; the dark brown colour, streaked with a deep auburn, brings out his eyes and as always it's exceptionally soft to the touch. and clean, obviously.
[ THE SMILE ]: zach is practically always smiling, but due to the braces he had to put up with for two long years, it's usually a close-mouthed grin, despite having had them removed about a half-year ago. when he does show his teeth however, it makes a huge difference- his eyes crinkle at the corners, making him look much younger and somehow more innocent as well. either way though, it's always genuine; the teenager isn't very good at pretend-smiling. his dimples are sort of lopsided- the left is visibly deeper than the right- but it's not like that's a bad thing, so he doesn't think much of it.
[ THE OTHER FACIAL STUFF ]: just above his left eyebrow is a mole about the size of a small inkblot, that when he first started at harriman zach honestly hated having there, thinking it drew attention to his slightly too large forehead. now he's outgrown that particular stage and finds he rather likes it, and often rubs the general spot whenever he's deep in thought or stressed out. as for facial hair, he's not quite old enough to manage a full beard or anything even remotedly close to one yet, but faint hints of stubble have started dotting his jawline and tiny near-invisible whiskers tickle his chin. zach finds it irritating- he has no choice but to shave because he looks unkempt otherwise, but damn if it isn't a stupid waste of time and more pointless than not.

[ THE BUILD ]: frankly, zach is moderately skinny. sure, he goes for the occasional jog and enjoys playing soccer for fun, but he's definitely not overly keen on the exercising scene. as a result he's more or less muscle-less. but not fat, never fat- he's blessed with a fast metabolism and if there's even the slightest hint of him putting on too much extra weight he'll immediately work on getting rid of it before going back to lazing around. it's really an endless cycle: he stuffs himself with junk food, he exercises it all off, and then he stuffs himself again.
[ THE HEIGHT ]: 5' 7''
[ THE WEIGHT ]: 127 lbs
[ THE POSTURE ]: it really depends on what he's doing. if he's painting, or sculpting, there will be a distinct hunch to his shoulders; whether he's sitting, standing, or crouched over his work, as long as it has to do with his art an air of extreme concentration seems to surround him, like his very own 'do not disturb' sign. in the theatre he's a different persona altogether, carrying himself almost arrogantly; his movements are subtly exaggerated and his walk- it's not a walk, it's a swagger. and then when he's being himself, zach's utterly, wholly casual, tending to slump or sprawl or slouch about lazily.

[ THE CLOTHING ]: at one point zach went around wearing paint-spattered clothing, exactly like those stereotypical "painter-types", both at home and at harriman. now he's cleaned up a good deal and puts an effort into his appearance. by no means is he impeccable, his wardrobe holds mainly quirky graphic tees and jeans, but sometimes on a crazy whim he'll break out the flamboyant goodies. a pinstripe fedora, a garishly patterned tie, colourful suspenders, an eyepatch, bright yellow leather pants, white kid gloves, a flashy scarlet cape (nicked from the theatre's costume closet).. anything goes, as long as it's guaranteed to blind. hey, he's an artist, they're entitled to such things.
[ THE HYGIENE ]: honestly, zach's no longer as self-conscious about his appearance these days ever since he ventured onto the stage, but since he's obsessive about keeping his hair clean he figures he may as well do the whole thing properly. he showers and washes his hair at least once a day; thanks to good genes he's never suffered from acne problems and doesn't have to pay too much attention to his face the way some of his friends do. of course after the braces he's not likely to forget about his teeth, and brushes them after every meal and before he goes to bed without exception.


[ THE PARENTS ]: quentin peters, 45, investment banker. marianne peters, 42, former professional dancer, now a dance instructor. overall, zach gets along with his parents, though sometimes he finds their strict rules and success-chasing attitudes too demanding. he knows they mean well, so he doesn't complain- not much, anyway- but the strain of playing the filial son all the time has built up an invisible barrier; it's difficult for him to confide in them. in front of them only his achievements are put on display, not his problems.
[ THE SIBLINGS ]: _____ peters, second year. zach likes his younger brother well enough, mostly in the 'he's my kid brother what am i supposed to do?' kind of way. there's not much of a rivalry going on, not from him anyway, though he rather enjoys making fun at the younger peters' expense, claiming it builds character. in a sense that's zach's way of tacitly showing he cares, because he find it awkward even to share manly man hugs with the kid.
[ OTHER IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS ]: the peters family is quite large, and most of them live in the same area- zach is on good terms with all of them and is especially close to his cousin will. the two are the same age and although will is much more of a science person than an artist, he's also remarkably philosophical and often helps zach put things into perspective when he's out of sorts.
[ IMPORTANT ANCESTRY ]: the family tree hasn't had a single exceptionally famous soul on it as far as anyone knows, sadly enough. his parents are banking on him to be the first, though privately zach wouldn't at all mind passing on that particular would-be accolade to his younger brother.

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Re: peters, zachary

Post  Isabelle Cauldine on Fri Oct 03, 2008 9:59 am


Welcome to Felicity J. Harriman School for the Arts! We're so happy to have you here at Felicity, and can't wait to start enjoying our artistic experience with you. Why don't you scurry on over and set up a plot page so we can start setting up relationships? Make sure you get a cell phone so that all your friends can contact you! After that, make sure you sign up for some classes so that you can shine at Harriman. Lastly, head on over to the first day of school picnic by the lake, for some good back-to-school celebrations, and a good excuse to postpone classes for a day!


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