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Kaylor Drae Victoria

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Kaylor Drae Victoria

Post  Kaylor Victoria on Wed Oct 15, 2008 7:15 am


[ THE FULL NAME ]: Kaylor Drae Victoria
[ THE NICKNAMES ]: Kaye or Lore
[ THE BIRTHDAY ]: December 1, 1992
[ THE AGE ]: Exactly fifteen years.
[ THE GENDER ]: All girl!
[ THE SEXUALITY ]: Bisexual, really.
[ THE NATIONALITY ]: Los Angeles, California.

[ THE TALENT ]: Visual art...Kaylor is a prodigy when it comes to a good many forms of art. She's got natural talent for taking a look at an art style and then using that very style to create a brand new piece of art. She's still learning how to refine her skills and expand into not just mimicking an art style, but creating her own. She also has amazing hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, at least part of this helps when she's painting by looking at something else.
[ THE GRADE ]: Of the fifth year variety.
[ FORM OF STUDENT ]: Full visual arts scholarship.


    Paints - Kaylor has always had this strange obsession with taking paint and mixing it to create new shades or colors.
    Abnormal hair colors - She likes to look at the wild hair colors some people have, from violently pink to purest white. It entrances her and she'd ogle like there's no tomorrow. Kaylor has thought about dying her own hair, but has decided that perhaps it is not for her. At least, not yet.
    Different art styles - Some of her favorite styles are very, very old and simple. She just adores mixing and matching ancient artistic styles to see what will happen. She once tried putting the ancient Egyptian art style with the ancient Japan art style.
    Daredevils - Kaylor has a bit of a fascination with people willing to risk their lives for reasons she can't understand. She loves to watch them in the acts of performing dangerous stunts.
    Trees - No, she's not a tree-hugger. Kaylor has a fascination with forests, which aren't very popular in the area she's from.
    People watching - Sit her down in the middle of a mall or an amusement park, or anywhere with lots and lots of people and Kaylor can amuse herself by watching patrons pass by. She'll make a game out of why people are at that place, how each person might be related to one another in the group and so on.
    Music - There's no real specific type of music that Kaylor likes best. Give her a CD, she'll listen to it all the way through doing just about anything, from sitting in a corner and looking through a book to painting, and when she's done, she'll have decided whether or not she likes the music it has.
    Classic movies - Old black and whites. Kaylor will sit down, pull a pillow onto her lap and watch an old movie like Casanova and fall in love with the characters. Currently, she's trying to catch up with the Shirley Temple movies.
    Creativity - She likes it when people come up with their own ideas or create something without having to rely on the more imaginative people around them. She likes to watch the process occur, it's fascinating to her.
    Baking sweets - Tell her to bake a cake and she'll ask what kind. Kaylor has had a bit of an obsession with baking things like cakes, cookies and other confections for a while. She wasn't a natural, she's been learning and teaching herself out of cookbooks since she was eleven. She's still not a master of it, but she finds it fun.
    Decorating cakes - It's like another piece of artwork, except this type is edible.
    Unique people - Kaylor hates cookie cutters. She prefers to pick out the kids who stand out...And then she befriends them. The girl wearing a petticoat, some leggings and a tank top with a leather jacket...Or the boy who always wears a suit to school. The ones who just seem...really strange.
    Daydreaming - She comes up with all sorts of ideas when she drifts off. Although its gotten her into trouble.
    A good book - Give her book of any genre, literally, and she'll read it through. If she doesn't like it, she'll never touch it again, but if she does or if it makes her think (even if she doesn't like it), then she'll reread it.
    Confronting problems - When someone has a problem with her, Kaylor likes to confront them. To see if they want to get it out in the open. She doesn't force, but she will come back daily until whoever it is gets whatever the problem is off their chest. Once the problem has been dealt with appropriately, she moves on.
    Honesty - This is the easiest way to gain Kaylor's trust.

    People watching
    Watching old movies
    Looking through books with pictures of forest-filled landscapes
    Watching sunsets or sunrises
    Hanging out with friends
    Drawing when possible
    Sketching almost constantly
    Making up silly little stories with her friends about this person or that
    Going to plays
    Doing backstage work at a local theater
    Running in the mornings
    Biking almost everywhere
    Sitting around in the park sketching everything in sight
    Mixing art styles
    Trying to learn the art of sculpting clay
    Helping her friend, Demi, out at Demi's parents' store

    Dishonesty - The easiest way to lose Kaylor's trust.
    Pushy boys - She's had her fair share of guys looking for a one night stand. And that just isn't what Kaylor is willing to deal with. She doesn't have the patience for it and will say as much.
    Antagonistic actions - People who purposely antagonize other people irritate Kaylor to no end. It's her biggest pet peeve and she always tries to call the guilty party out on it.
    Parties - She's not a big fan of having sweaty bodies crushing against her, moving to ridiculously loud music and drinking spiked punch.
    School social events - Things like homecoming, or dances in general, or things she likes to avoid. Unless she is required to go, Kaylor will probably skip most of these events.
    Cookie Cutters - Cliques, with all their similar looking people, frustrate Kaylor, for she doesn't feel there's much of a sense of individuality in them.
    Cruelty towards animals - Yes, she's a softie. She tends to try to save as many animals as she can from acts of violence.
    Dancing - She has decided she has two left feet and will not go near a dance floor with a ten foot pole. If the word dancing and her name are put in the same sentence, she immediately turns in the opposite direction and starts walking.
    Getting dressed up - Unless she absolutely has to wear them, Kaylor avoids fancy evening gowns or pant suits like the plague.
    Homophobes - She's had run-ins with the like before, when out with her best friend, Kale. She hates imbeciles who won't even try to understand the other side of things.
    Horses - Probably the one animal she can't stand. Not that she necessarily hates the creatures. They just terrify her, thus she doesn't like them.
    Sadness - She has seen those she cares about cry and it hurts her as much as they are hurt.
    Typical shopping trips - She hates going to stores like Old Navy or JC Penny where all the clothes look exactly the same to her eyes.
    Romance novels - They sicken her, for whatever reason. It's the one genre she can't stand.
    Dirty laundry - Picky about having her clothes clean, Kaylor will put her own clothes through the wash.

    Watching someone die again
    Hurting someone close to her
    Being forgotten
    Failing school
    Getting her heart broken
    Falling in love

    Strange; nice; caring; generous; friendly; stubborn; very open; adventurous; hardheaded; intelligent; fun; erratic; startling; creative; difficult; strong-willed; honest.

[ THE ULTIMATE GOAL ]: Kaylor really just wants to find her own style as an artist. Of course, eventually she'd like to sell her works of art and start a bakery.
[ THE PREVIOUS SUCCESSES ]: She made it through three years of choir. Kaylor has won a couple of awards for her paintings. Once, she won an award for having the best cookies, it was just extra credit points in her baking class, but she was very happy. She's helped make some very sturdy sets. She has also kept a 4.0 GPA throughout her schooling.

Losing her father. In her own way, Kaylor was as close to him as Rea was. She loved the man dearly and losing him brought about darkness in her paintings and her thoughts for a while.
Watching her best friend, Kale, die. He was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three. Though he fought it for the majority of his life, he succumbed to it when he was twelve. His death had a devastating effect on Kaylor. She wouldn't speak for weeks.
Ignoring the painful jibes after Kale's death. She had always stood out in a...well an interesting fashion. After Kale's death, she withered for a while.

[ THE OTHER SCHOOL ]: In middle school, Kaylor was part of the honors society until eighth grade, when she dropped out. However, her GPA has always been a 4.0...This doesn't mean she's a genius, it just means she studies and, when she doesn't understand certain things, gets the help she needs.


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Re: Kaylor Drae Victoria

Post  Kaylor Victoria on Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:05 am

[ THE PLAYED-BY ]: Kreuk, Kristin

[ THE EYES ]: At first glance at least three different opinions are given as to the color of this girl’s eyes. Some say Kaylor has green eyes; some say brown and still others say black. However, none of those people would be right. Kaylor eyes are a light hazel, piercing in their intensity and vibrant in color. Although, to be kind, her eyes do darken when she’s tired. She has large, expressive eyes that easily catch the attention of most people who gaze at her.
[ THE HAIR ]: Long locks frame this girl’s face. And to be honest, Kaylor has black hair…Brown black to be exact. You can see how it’s actually brown when she stands in the sunlight and her hair is illuminated. On top of that, she also gets brown high lights after lots of time spent out in the sun doing various things. To the touch, it is very soft and it manages to convey this, though it is incredibly wild.

One the normal day to day basis, her locks appear wild and wavy. Some even wonder whether or not she’s pulled a brush through her hair in the morning. If she were to stop and actually take the time with her hair each and every morning, she would come out of the bathroom with ramrod straight hair, smooth and shiny to look upon. Unfortunately, although she diligently brushes her hair very thoroughly every night, in the mornings she tends to let it go wild and do what it wants.
[ THE SMILE ]: Kaylor has a whole slew of different smiles at her disposal. There’s only a few that she uses regularly. There’s the sweet, serene smile that’s all closed lips which she pulls out when she’s upset, hurt, angry or embarrassed; she uses this one as a mask to hide behind. There’s the plastic smile filled with shining pearly whites which she pulls out for school pictures and social events she’s been forced to go to. Then there’s the elusively popular real smile, which is completely and utterly open, her face unguarded and filled with amusement, joy or whatever good emotion she happens to be feeling at the time.
[ THE OTHER FACIAL STUFF ]: She’s never had any problems with facial hair, making her one of the lucky few. Acne doesn’t affect her skin because she started washing her face when she was eleven due to a recommendation of Kale’s; so no one knows if she’s prone to acne or not.

What with a heart shaped face and full lips; she’s quite a lovely sight to behold. Oh, she’s no Angelina Jolie and she’s never going to be the Prom Queen, but she holds her own in the beauty department. Her nose is small enough to suit her face properly without being so small as to be ridiculous; or, to put it another way, she does not have a beaky nose.

[ THE BUILD ]: Kaylor has a very high metabolism. And thus, she has to eat double what most other girls her age eat just to keep her weight up. If she didn’t eat as much as she does, Kaylor wouldn’t have any curves to speak of. As it is she’s never going to be the voluptuous girl all the guys stare at. No, she’s going to be one of the more demurely curved young women. The swell of her bust is pleasing enough to draw the odd eye and her rear is barely larger, if only by an inch or two; to help appease that her waist is of a good narrow standard, though not itty bitty like Barbie’s.

Kaylor, really, has the body that, if she wanted to, she could bind her breasts and put on boy’s clothes and actually pull it off as a guy…Well, a very slender and feminine guy, but still. She doesn’t have iron muscles or anything since she’s not particularly athletic, but she can run very fast. She’s got enough stamina to run five miles before her legs scream with protest.
[ THE HEIGHT ]: Five feet, three inches.
[ THE WEIGHT ]: One hundred and fifteen pounds.
[ THE POSTURE ]: If she wanted to, Kaylor could walk with the grace of a dancer, it’s a natural attribute of hers. Even though she doesn’t walk as such, there is a certain grace about her movements, though they are strange ones. She purposefully walks in either a zigzag pattern or with one foot directly in front of the other (as though she were on a tightrope). Ignoring that, she does hold herself properly, never slouching. Shoulders pulled back slightly, chest pushed out a bit, spine straight, she makes quite an image just standing in one place. Even when she’s sketching, she never hunches, she just curves her spine enough that she can focus properly on what she’s doing.

[ THE CLOTHING ]: Kaylor is the type of girl who has all sorts of things in her closet. From 1930s suits to square dancing outfits and corsets, very little of what she owns could be called normal. In fact, normal for her is a black petticoat with a red turtleneck under a gray, pin-striped vest with red leggings and black flats. Very rarely will she pull out an entire, matching out fit; usually she just pulls out odds and ends…Like a square dancing skirt with a tube top and a leather jacket. Oddly enough, her outfits work for her, though they really wouldn’t fit anyone else. That’s not to say she doesn’t own jeans, she does, but they’re pretty strange pairs…There is only one normal pair of jeans that she owns, and she rarely wears it…
[ THE HYGIENE ]: Kaylor is a freak of nature when it comes to keeping her clothes clean. Some call it OCD, she calls it being prepared. She washes all of her dirty clothes every three days, just to make sure all her options are open to her. She also has to take a shower every day, if she can’t take a shower one day, she’ll take two showers the next, one as soon as she wakes up and one before she goes to bed. She also has to brush her teeth in the morning and at night, otherwise she fidgets and can’t forget about it.

In comparison her room is a strange mixture of clean and messy. Throughout the day, clothes will be left on her bed and some articles will fall to floor, left there after her morning routine of picking her outfit. Books, CDs, paint brushes and canvases litter the ultra clean carpet and her bed is rarely ever made. One rarely knows what they’re going to find when they walk into her room.


[ THE PARENTS ]: Michael Richard Victoria; Deceased; He was a very understanding man. Kaylor viewed him as one of her heroes. He would take her to the store he worked at and let her sift through the suits, or he’d bring little oddities home for her. He was 54 when he died, ironically that’s the same age his brother died at.

Susan Anne Victoria; Age 45; She doesn’t quite get Kaylor’s strange attire choices, but she doesn’t complain either. She gets along with Kaylor when her daughter is around, but has rarely ever ventured into her bedroom. They have a strange understanding when it comes to mother-daughter relationships. That’s not to say Susan and Kaylor don’t love each other, they do, but Susan respects Kaylor’s needs, whether she wants distance or someone to lean on.
Rea Avalon Victoria; female, fifth year.
_________ Victoria; male, fifth year.
_________ Victoria; male, fifth year.
No relationships decided, yet.
Kale Quinton McSmith; BFF; deceased; Kale still has a large influence on some of things Kaylor does. She carries a picture of him everywhere and takes serious offense when people speak crudely about him.
Zephyr Demi Montgomery; best friend; Kaylor texts and calls her frequently, since they don’t go to the same high school.
[ IMPORTANT ANCESTRY ]: None whatsoever.

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Re: Kaylor Drae Victoria

Post  Isabelle Cauldine on Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:48 am


Welcome to Felicity J. Harriman School for the Arts! We're so happy to have you here at Felicity, and can't wait to start enjoying our artistic experience with you. Why don't you scurry on over and set up a plot page so we can start setting up relationships? Make sure you get a cell phone so that all your friends can contact you! After that, make sure you sign up for some classes so that you can shine at Harriman. Lastly, head on over to the first day of school picnic by the lake, for some good back-to-school celebrations, and a good excuse to postpone classes for a day!


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Re: Kaylor Drae Victoria

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